Your First Ramadan Assignment Fill in the Blanks

According to the glorious Qur’an, you will receive the following blessings if you reach the level of…… (Find the missing word)

1. Learning will be made easier for you.
2. Allah will be with you – togetherness
3. You will experience no fear, and no sorrow.
4. Your Rizk (provision) from unexpected sources will increase
5. When in trouble, you will find an exit or solution.
6. Your sins will be forgiven
7. You will cross the Sirat ((bridge to heaven) safely
8. You will enjoy the company of your loved ones in the hereafter
9. On the day of Judgment, you will receive an angelic reception
10. Consider yourself one of those people whom Paradise was prepared for
11. Your rewards will be multiplied.
12. You will be the guest of Allah on the Day of Judgment

What is the missing word?

Please send me your answers and/or comments via my email The first respondent with the correct answer will be acknowledged in the next issue

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