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On Friday November 23, 2006 an announcement was made at Masjid At-Taqwa (72 nd Ave and 124 th St.) regarding the excellent academic performance of the Surrey Muslim School Grade 4 for the 2005/06 academic year. The announcement itself is a response to the Glorious Qur’an (93:11) where Allah (swt) says, “Talk about the blessings of Your Lord”.

It is indeed a blessing from Allah (swt) to have Islamic Schools for our children and it is indeed a blessing that our Islamic Schools are performing better than other Independent or Public schools. As usual, educational affairs attract my attention. So, I went to my computer and researched information about the statement made at the Masjid to verify the news.

I came across a document entitled Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) produced by the Information Department of the Ministry of Education – September 2006. The FSA is an annual province wide assessment of the academic skills of the students in British Columbia. The foundation skills cover reading, comprehension, writing and Numeracy (mathematics). The FSA is designed and developed by B.C. educators and the skills are based on the provincial curriculum.

The FSA has at least three objectives. First, to assist the province, school districts, schools and school planning councils in evaluating on how well the foundation skills are being addressed and make plans for improving student achievements. Second, is to provide students, teachers and parents with information about student performance. Third, is the education system’s improvement over time. For details, please refer to

After going through a great deal of statistical data I decided to present the data in three tables in an attempt to answer the following three questions.

•  How does the Surrey Muslim School (SMS) compare with the District of Surrey?

•  How does SMS compare with the entire province of B.C?

•  How does SMS compare with all independent schools put together?

In the following three tables, the numbers represent percentages of students meeting or exceeding expectations.
1. Surrey Muslim School compared to District of Surrey No. 36

Surrey Muslim School District of
Surrey No. 36
Reading and Comprehension 94 92 +2
Writing 100 91 +9
Numeracy 100 91 +9

2. Surrey Muslim School compared to Province of British Columbia

Surrey Muslim School Province of
British Columbia
Reading and Comprehension 94 89 +5
Writing 100 88 +12
Numeracy 100 87 +13

3. Surrey Muslim School compared to All Independent Schools

Surrey Muslim School All Independent Schools Difference
Reading and Comprehension 94 87 +7
Writing 100 93 +7
Numeracy 100 92 +8


The Surrey Muslim School has shown academic performance superior to the District of Surrey No. 36, the Independent schools put together and the Province of British Columbia. The author of this article agrees fully with the announcement made in Masjid At-Taqwa. We hope that the performance of the Surrey Muslim School, the BC Muslim School and the Iqra School gets better in the future.

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Dr. Mohammed Saleh spent most of his life in the field of education: teaching, administration and consulting. He taught at the elementary, secondary and university levels. At Umm – Al Qura University (Makkah), Dr. Saleh held the position of Assistant Professor at the College of Education and Associate Professor at the college of Social Sciences. Dr. Saleh had the pleasure of running three k – 12 Islamic Schools in North America: Panama City Florida, Richmond (British Columbia) and Ann Arbor (Michigan.) As an educational Consultant, Dr. Saleh used his life – long experience in education to develop a model of Quran – curriculum integration process (abbreviated Q – cip.) His vision was to share his knowledge and experience with Islamic schools in North America to help teachers integrate the Glorious Quran in all subjects. May Allah swt, in His infinite Mercy, grant him the highest level of Paradise, inshaAllah.

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