The Danger of Self-Magnification

The title of this article was taken from the Glorious Qur’an 7:146 where Allah gives five characteristics to those who magnify themselves wrongfully: 1) they do not believe in Allah’s Signs (aayaat) when they see them, 2) if they see the way of right conduct , they will not adopt it as the Way, 3) if they see the way of error, they will adopt it, 4) they have rejected Allah’s Signs, and 5) they have failed to take the warning carried in the aayaat of Allah. Self-magnification means self-super sizing.

By examining the five characteristics mentioned above, the reader can see easily that this group of people put themselves above Allah and His aayaat. The self-magnifiers are scattered around the world. I believe that the root of their problems is anchored in their disbelief in the existence of Allah; they do not see themselves as slaves to Allah. They can not see the complete picture of every thing; they see the object and simultaneously deny the Subject.   Every creation carries the signature of its creator, Allah.

In our daily lives, when we go shopping, we check the labels to know more about what we are buying.   The labels carry essential information such as the producer, ingredients, manufacturing location and date. We usually pay more attention to the expiry date. The expiry date and location for each creation is known only to the Creator, Allah. The Merciful hides this kind of information out of His compassion.

A creation needs a Creator; creation means making something out of nothing. Who can create something out of nothing except Allah?   A builder does not create a building; he only puts the existing components together. Some people claim that they invented something but what they did is only a discovery of existing things. There is only one inventor that is Allah who invented the entire universe from nothing. Claiming the ability to create or invent is a grave injustice. In Islamic terms, it is called “shirk”.

The self-magnifiers do not believe that Allah is the creator of all things. They reject the word: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.” He is the Subject who made all objects. They even believe that life came out of matter, by chance. They say that matter has elements of life and these elements arranged themselves randomly in different combinations and permutations until life began. This is the position of the unbelievers who can not see the-object-subject connection. When you present them with mathematical and logical proofs, they feel cornered and say, “There is no god, and life came to the earth from a different planet.” So, they are running away from the question because we can still ask them about the source of life on the other planet. They can not repeat the same answer.

For every object there is a subject. The proper mind sees nothing wrong with this statement. To make things even easier for the reader, let us look at the newspaper you are now holding in your hands. We know for certain that many people in different fields contributed to its production. The paper on which this article is published was once a tree located in a forest far away from Surrey. This article was written by an author who submitted it to the editor. The editor checked it together with other items. The graphic designer made sure that every item carried by this newspaper is acceptable from the technical and artistic point of view. The printer has been contacted; the order was placed; and a check was written. The paper is ready for distribution and you are reading it. The production of this newspaper was a result of the collective efforts of many individuals; the brain accepts this argument fully. By giving this simple example, the author hopes that he is not insulting your intelligence.

The human brain does not accept, however, that al-Ameen newspaper developed itself over time. By looking at the aayaat-filled universe around us, we sense that there is a Creator. This creator has unlimited power, knowledge, wisdom and might. He is All-Seeing, All-Hearing, and All-Knowing. No knowledge is obtained without His permission.     What does science say?   When you run a scientific experiment, you follow three steps: 1) you write a statement (hypothesis) about the thing (phenomenon) you wish to study, 2) you observe the phenomenon and you record your observations, and 3) you reject or accept the hypothesis.

Scientists in all fields followed the three steps. They wrote the hypothesis: the universe (all or parts) shows no evidence of planning, organization, co-ordination, precision, wisdom, and perfection. They studied every thing around them using the latest tools and technology available to mankind. Different scientists in different places at different times ran experiments about different things around in different fields of investigation. They covered the earth, the stars, the air, the water, the seas, the rivers, the plants and the animals. They recorded their observations over time.   The conclusion is one and the same: there is evidence of creation, beauty and perfection; it is a flawless universe; it is created by a supreme power and majesty of Allah.

Scientists could have saved their time by accepting the Glorious Qur’an (67:3-4), “He Who created the seven heavens one above another. You don’t see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So, return your vision, do you see any flaws?”   Allah is calling mankind to worship Him: “O mankind, what has deceived you, concerning your Lord, the Generous. Who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you. In whatever form He willed, has He assembled you.” (Qur’an 82:6-8)

This is the truth about our world. The Signs leading to the Truth are posted everywhere. Unfortunately self-magnification is standing between us and Allah. The danger of self-magnification has polarized our ability to see the obvious. The reader is encouraged to consult the outstanding work of Harun Yahya and Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi on the Signs (Aayaat) of Allah. I ask Allah to include us among those who follow the best of what they hear.

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Dr. Mohammed Saleh

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Dr. Mohammed Saleh spent most of his life in the field of education: teaching, administration and consulting. He taught at the elementary, secondary and university levels. At Umm – Al Qura University (Makkah), Dr. Saleh held the position of Assistant Professor at the College of Education and Associate Professor at the college of Social Sciences. Dr. Saleh had the pleasure of running three k – 12 Islamic Schools in North America: Panama City Florida, Richmond (British Columbia) and Ann Arbor (Michigan.) As an educational Consultant, Dr. Saleh used his life – long experience in education to develop a model of Quran – curriculum integration process (abbreviated Q – cip.) His vision was to share his knowledge and experience with Islamic schools in North America to help teachers integrate the Glorious Quran in all subjects. May Allah swt, in His infinite Mercy, grant him the highest level of Paradise, inshaAllah.

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